About ME

I am a Texas born & raised, 20-something, book enthusiast with a passion for writing and a love for words. My husband and I tied the knot under the early morning August sun back in 2015 and shortly after I graduated with my BA in Early Childhood Education, we moved to the lovely little city of New Braunfels. After two years in the classroom as a preschool teacher, two summers as a nanny, and a few months as an online ESL teacher for students in China, I took my current job as a Chiropractic Assistant! When I'm not downing copious amounts of coffee at work, I'm usually crocheting with HGTV in the background or grabbing food with the people I love. I was diagnosed with Primary Vaginismus shortly after our wedding night, and my husband and I journeyed through that valley for 3 and a half years before finding our cure at the Women's Therapy Center in New York in November of 2018. Infertility was part of our story until the Lord brought healing through the WTC, and now we are expectantly waiting and asking the Lord to direct us to our sweet Baby Peterson!  We are part of Redemption Bible Church, a wonderful community of Believers who have walked with us through some of our hardest struggles. He has blessed to us in ways we do not deserve, and I hope to share some of those grace-filled pieces of my life here on this blog! You can read more about my story here


Much love!


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