Too many times, women with vaginismus suffer alone. In my own story, finding other women who shared their stories was a turning point. Here on this page, I'll link to other blogs, articles, forums and other pages which I've found both helpful and informative. 


In Blogs, you'll find stories of women who have struggled with vaginismus and come out the other side, stronger in their marriages and with plenty of advice to offer. 

In Vaginismus and Fertility, I've linked to pages and resources that detail the struggles of women who try to conceive while dealing with infertility brought on by an inability to have penetrative sex. Some offer general information while others offer alternatives, such as IUI, home insemination and fertility options. 

In What is Vaginismus?, I've linked to articles that simply explain the anatomical and physical aspects of primary and secondary vaginismus. If you've recently been diagnosed, or are struggling with sex that seems extremely painful or downright impossible, please see an OBGYN for an official diagnosis, and know that your pain is not normal or just "in your head". Education is the first step to better understanding your body! 

NOTE: None of these resources are meant to stand in place of or represent a medical doctor's advice and/or examination. It's always critical to seek first an OBGYN to diagnose and identify your symptoms and determine if the pain you're experiencing is vaginismus, or another medical/psychological issue. 

I hope these resources bring you comfort and hope, just as they have for me! 

~ Jamie 







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