Apr 14, 2018

Baby Blues


Happy Saturday, lovelies!


Working on a new post centered around baby blues and how to cope.


How do you...


1. View pregnancy/conception in light of vaginismus/vulvodynia/pelvic floor conditions?


2. Handle your emotions when close friends get pregnant?


3. Handle your emotions when a fellow vaginismus fighter gets pregnant?


4. Feel about the use of syringe methods, IUI and IVF and how they might play into your rainbow baby story?


Feel free to comment here, or, if you'd like your answers to remain 100% anonymous, email them to me at anchoredandenough@gmail.com!

New Posts
  • Jamie
    Apr 3, 2018

    Some days are harder than others. This past weekend, we were at a cafe in one of my family's favorite spots on the Frio River, enjoying a breakfast with my parents before we all headed our separate ways. The family sitting right behind us had a tiny little girl in a pink tshirt and little matching baby Crocs. She had two thin pigtails and she was trying her best to reach a wrapped set of silverware across the table. I sat and watched her, at first just because she was cute and I'd never seen little Crocs that small. But then her daddy picked her up, and snuggled her close. And my throat got tight. I took a hurried sip of coffee and looked away. One of the worst parts of severe primary vaginismus is the constant reminder that conception and pregnancy are constantly out of reach. Sometimes I look back on the past 2 and a half years, and see only a tiny bit of progress, and I wonder, "Will it be another 2 and a half years?". Will we be able to get pregnant naturally or will we be forced, like many other couples with severe vaginismus, to use alternative methods such as IUI? Sometimes my desire for a child and my current inability to get pregnant feel like they're drowing me. But I know the Lord is faithful. I know that if He desires me to be a mother, then one way or another I will someday have a tiny, precious baby to hold tightly in my arms. What are the ways you deal with the desire for a baby and severe vaginismus? Or, if you've already been able to concieve naturally or with the help of fertility treatments, what scriptures or pieces of advice gave you peace during the waiting time?
  • Jamie
    Apr 3, 2018

    It can be so discouraging for women who are suffering with vaginismus to think about pregnancy. If you, like me, are one of the fewer women suffering with severe primary vaginismus, then the idea of conception, pregnancy and natural delivery sometimes seems more like a fairytale than an actual possibility. I recently began the Longing for Motherhood reading plan on the YouVersion Bible app. It's an easy-to-do, 10-day plan to help women longing for motherhood by taking them through the parts of scripture where God addresses infertility and the desire to become a mother. The plan is absolutely fantastic and well-worth reading again. Comment below if you're doing it, have done it, or are about to head on over to check it out!

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