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It feels so incredible to be sitting here, finally writing these words.

When I began this blog back in the beginning of this year, my only hope was that God would bring other women across my path, even through the fibers of an internet cable, who had struggled with vaginismus and intimacy in the same way I had. I had no way of knowing how many women, how many friendships, and how many ministry opportunities would come about as a result of that one click of the "share" button.

Bethel's You Make Me Brave is blaring through my headphones as I type these words, and I'm reminded of how this song has been an anthem of sorts through this past year. The girl who first started on this journey couldn't possibly know that she'd be sitting here a mere 11 months later, on the other side of healing, writing words of hope and praising God for a prayer answered.

After a near 3 and a half year battle with severe vaginismus, subsequent anxiety and delayed fertility, Ryan and I underwent treatment at the Women's Therapy Center in New York and were officially declared free of vaginismus!

Do you know how long I've waited to say that?

The word that has been sitting on my heart lately is "abundance". I asked God for healing, and He brought healing abundantly. I asked for resources to make this trip, and He provided abundantly. We have been absolutely lavished in prayer, comfort, encouragement and support.

Our most heartfelt thanks go to those of you who have walked alongside us in this journey, in prayer, friendship or simply by following along! We hope that our story will stand as a beacon of hope for couples and women walking this road.

So many of you have messaged me and asked, "what now?". And truthfully? I have no idea. God is constantly showing Ryan and I that we're just along for the ride! The one thing I know with certainty is that this blog is something I will continue to use as a platform for women with vaginismus. Hopefully the Lord brings growth here in 2019 and we can spread awareness and the hope of the Gospel in such a dark and often hopeless situation.

My prayer is that this next year will be a year that draws us deeper into our church community and our personal walks with God. I have seen miracles and healing in the past few months, and I want that awe to spring us into 2019.

And, of course, I hope that 2019 is the year that the Lord blesses us with Baby Peterson! I was beyond thrilled to walk into the health food store the other day and buy prenatal vitamins. It was a step of expectant faith and I nearly cried in the checkout line. I know God knows our baby's timeline, and when/how he (or she!) will join our family. And until then, we'll be preparing ourselves on all fronts for that beautiful next step!

I know this is a bit of a short and sporadic blog post, but I believe in writing from the heart, and right now my heart is full of a million thoughts, praises and jitters!

Thank you all for following along, my prayers are with you!



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