Whether you've stumbled onto this page because your story involves vaginismus, fertility struggles, depression & anxiety or self-injury, or because you love someone struggling with any of these issues, I pray you find hope and encouragement here. 

Under the Resources tab, you'll find individual pages that address the topics listed above. All are issues that I've personally walked through (and am still walking through) and contain external links to websites, blogs, videos and informational downloads on the topic. 

My primary goal is to provide stories and information from a Christian, Bible-based perspective, however, some of the affiliate links are in association with medical websites or articles that are not faith-based. This is solely for awareness and educational purposes. It's important that we understand the physical and mental facts/statistics behind things like vaginismus and mental health before we try to help ourselves or a loved one.


If you find something here that helps or encourages you, but still feel like you want to talk, please reach out to me at Never stay silent. The Lord sees & loves you dearly! 



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